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Saturday, August 29, 2009 , Lurve9 blog made it to the finals
Oh! its not Hubzyu but its my other blog,LURVE9. < *wink*. just plugging it here!

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Just wanna inform you that my other blog, LURVE9 is one of the finalist at Candy Blog Awards. Yeah it is. I hope you could support me all the day. As of now im super happy even if the contest is still running, beeing one of the finalist is an achievement. SO win or lost LURVE9 will always be LURVE9.

What are you waiting for visit LURVE9 to see what it got to make it to the finals

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 , PAID ADS


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 , AHuh

Intramurals have started. The opening was last monday but i didnt go because its kinda boring, not like before that during intramurals opening there is always a Cheering Competition or Dance Sport Competion but this year *sigh* the PE teachers just did some dance move which is something not interesting for me.

Yesterday also bessy Pam and I went to watch "The Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock. Actually its not our plan to watch movie but because its freakin hot ive told her that we should just watch movie since its cooler inside the cinema.

Im supposed to meet our EIC (ate Sab)this morning in our college because she supposed to distribute the events that we will be covering *remember i was the Feature Editor of our College?* but last minute she texted me not to go there anymore and i should just accompany ate Roxie (staffer) in the badmintion event. I moved out at around 3pm cos i went to our school and watched my siblings play Lawn Tennis. Supposed to be Pam will fetch me here in our house but unfortunately she's uber late so i went there alone but after a while she arrived. Jessa and Trizsa was first in a doubles they won during the first set but the other set they lost. The next game was Trizsa's. Of course she won, since she is far better than the other. The reason that they lost the doubles because Trizsa was not into doubles, its her first time to do the game with a partner. So i think that is accepptable *haha*. At around 3:50pm it was Buloy's (cousin) game. He is one of the player for Volleyball men and they won.

Did i ever blog about my hair? Well i got my hair a little cut or should i say a long cut. It was never my purpose to cut my hair this short. But as of now im loving my hair i just miss my long hair.

Hair now

Hair before

BTW, im now open for advertisement. If you have questions just tag me. So what are you waiting for, let me advertise your site so that people will know how wonderful your site is.

Sunday, August 23, 2009 , The New Ihubzyu
Im so happy. Why? it is because as you can see my blog has its new look, my very first layout made by yours truly. Its simple yet something..hahaha. About the header of my layout, i choose Song Hye Kyo because she is one of my fav. Korean Actress and because of her angelic face. You maybe asking whats whith the quotation. Obviously, i never live my life in a normal way,i live beyond normal cus im not you ordinary teenage girl. By the way sis Jean thanks for my past layout, your are so kind.

I dont know what to do now but as of now im planning to have a reblog (recorded blog) in which i will be using my voice in blogging as in my own voice. Since i dont have the courage to show myself ive decided to record my voice. I think that will be easier whenever i have tons of stuff to share with you. In that case also i dont need to type a verrrrrryyyy long story of random things. So what do you think? is that a brilliant idea? I'll be waiting for your response about this ok.

Can somebody please put a comment code on my blog? i really dont know how. Sis Jean thought me before but i still cant do it.

Friday, August 14, 2009 , A(h1n1) + some junks

Hi. I just want to inform you guys that the case of A(H1N1) have reached our place already. Actually it is widely spread already, the Virus is spreading so fast. Our school was already inflicted by this Virus. Because of this unstoppable increasing number of students who were infected by this pandemic Virus, classes in UNP were suspended ( Aug. 13-18 09). Honestly i dont like this as a reason for suspension of classes while some students where jumping with joy because of this, but how can i be so happy if i know that the reason of suspension was because of this world wide virus, if i know that it is infecting level were increasing more rapidly.

Last Monday, our College Dean conducted a lecture about this Pandemic Virus. He said that we should not be in panic but also we should not be in such relief. This Virus is not as dangerous as you think, but, if your resistance is weak or if you are immunosuppress then this Virus can be fatal. Prevention is better than cure as they said. Inorder to prevent and minimize the spread of it we must practice proper hygiene(handwashing) and respiratory etiquette(e.g.covering your mouth when sneezing).

So as of now, im kinda bord already and the burden of midterms is still intact. Midterm exam supposed to be yesterday but because of the suspension of classes it was cancelled and it will be transfered next week. In my mind *kung nagtest sana kami yesterday, sana wala ng burden ngayon*

Im currently:
* fixing my farmtown in facebook

*visiting my neighbors on petsociety

* plurking

* visiting blogmates
* updating random stuff
I also want to share my junks..haha..Manipulation as always....

She's Strange (past layout)

2NE1 (current layout)

Thats all for now... blog hop later

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 , i dont care-e-e-e-e-er

I so love these girls. They are super amazing. Yah i know im so late, but thats me, always late with the updates. Almost all of you maybe got tired of this song/group already but me! huh im still starting to love it. Bom is so pretty and so with Sandara.
These girls...... so colorful and lively.. Their songs are full of energy and life. Get what i mean?
My mind keeps singing i dont care-e-e-e-e-er. Oh gush, *
kaw kasi Joana nagpost-post ka kasi ng ganyan eh yan tuloy napasama na ako. Hahaha* pizzzzz..
2NE1 is love
Have you watched going bulilit? They have the version of Fire. *graveh... ang kukulit nila*. I so much enjoy that video. I think ive watched it 5 times already.

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