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Monday, June 22, 2009 , Pasukan Na!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do i look? Sabi ng iba mukha daw akong koreana. LOL

Taglish Mood

Maybe most of you are wondering why ngayon lang ang start ng pasok namin. Well it is because katatapos lang ng summer class namin. Can you imagine, opening na but kami na BSN-L third year nageexam palang for finals *gush*. I cant help myself but to laugh when i saw my cousin and siblings preparing for school last week ,Monday, why? Kasi naman sila may pasok na samantalang ako nagsusummer palang. Pasokan na ako di pa nakapagenrol *hahaha*.

So now may pasok na kami. I so envy you guys. Kayo prinoproblema nio kung paano nio gagamitin summer days nio samantalang kami noon namomoblema kung paano magkakaroon ng bakasyon. *huhuhu*. Its seems that walang summer na naganap. Parang dumalaw lang kumbaga, bumisita lang tapos umalis na kaagad, do you get what i mean?

And then kanina, as always Pre manun datum. Okay na sana kanina kaya lang yung instructor namin sa Pharmacology napalitan, and alam nio ba kung sino pumalit? Our college dean, edi siyempre panay ang kabog ng puso namin, pati si Gerly ( a vert good friend of mine) kitang kita na namumuti ang kanyang face sa kaba. Buti nalang when its my turn madali lang question * drug formulation* haha. simple noh kaya ang answe ko i Liniment. Okay na sana noh pero sinundan pa nia ng another question

" can you sight an example"

"pau de arco"

hahaha.. buti nalang advertiser sila mom nian.

After school Jessa *my sister* and i went to the mall to buy a school shoes. Tumatawa na kasi shoes ko so need a new one. Grabe pabalikbalik kami, kasi naman wala akong size. Well its not my fault kung pabalik balik ang saleslady sa stock room. Can you imagine, sa lahat ng shoe style na nakadisplay isa lang pala ang may bigger size. Kung sinabi ba naman sana niya ng masmaaga edi di pa sia napagod. In that case i ended up buying shoes at centropelle.

Thats all for now medyo oras na nga tulugan dito sa bahay kaya kailanangan ko narin matulog. Ciao!

Thursday, June 11, 2009 , Joyciesh Contest joined
Speaking of contest i joined another one. Ate Joycee, as she celebrate her birthday and her first blog aniversary she is hosting a contest with bunch of prizes. Everybody can join as long as you have a blog. All ya'h need to do is to edit any of Ate Joycee's picture and make a blog post about it. Take note not just prizes but buuuunnnccch of prizes.


*$10 from Ms.Candy-Blush
*$25 from Ate Reesie
*$50 from an anonymous friend
*$20 from Kuya Epfi of
*$15 from Kikayness of

*Free Webhosting for 3 months from Kiven of (my host)
*Free Webhosting from Pahn of
*Free webhosting from Kulot of
*Free DOMAIN from Joycee
*Personalized wordpress theme & free unlimited webhosting for a year from Ate Mumu of
*1 year free webhosting from
*6 months free webhosting from Micaela of

*100×100 avatar size ad spot in Gail’s blog of
*1 month advertisement on Mel Lee’s blog of
*125×125 Ad spot in Vhincent’s blog of
*125×125 Ad spot in Jerick Mack’s blog of
*Ad spots in Nika Catbagan’s blogs,,, and
*125×125 Ad spot in Katkat’s blog of
*125 x 125 ad spot at from Ate Mumu
*500×500 ad spot in April’s blog of

*$15 worth of e-load from Ate Cecille of
*Free weekly load for one month from Walongbote of

*The Twelfth Angel by Og Mandino and The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch from an anonymous friend
*Skullcandy Headset from Ate Bojoy & Arnie
*Lord of the Rings book from Kikayness of

There will also be four winners:
a. Voters’ Choice Award
b. Sponsors’ Choice Award
c. Block Sheeb’s Choice Award - my colleagues’ choice
d. UCCP-Anabu’s Choice Award - my churchmates’ choice

Official entry for contest

original picture

edited picture[entry]

Why chasing rainbow? simply because i made the theme of the picture like, sis joyce was somewhat on her journey to life. Searching for the right path, her ultimate guide for better life. Chasing the best, just like what rainbow has, amazing, bright and perfect in its own way.

By June 14 or 15 the poll for this contest will be ready at and you can cast your vote. Voting will run until June 27 2009; 11:59pm

Please help me win this awesome contest

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 , Friends for Keeps Contest
Joining Tricia's Contest is FUN! .At first i thought i can never join her contest anymore because of my busy schedule but thank God i still managed to do it.

Official entry for "friends for keeps" contest

New endorser of Close Up toothpaste. LOL

1. How long have you been friends
~ first we were classmates since first year high school. We dont know each other that much, even a hi-hello. But we've become friends on the last month of school days during our second year. And during third year, "willows fam" *our group name* was created .

2. What do you like about them
~ what i like most about them is their true nature. Funny, caring, understanding.They show who and what they really are. My best days in highschool started when we've become friends. Understanding because every trials that one of us encountered, their heart and ears are always there for you, ready to listen and give advises. Caring because even though i don't have a huge predicament i can always feel their presence and love by being there at my side, listening to my thoughts and lessening anger. Funny because they never let the group fall into boredom.

3. What are the problems you encountered together
~ strong friendship is attain through trials. I've encountered problems with them, consciousness, hatred, unfairness, insecurities.... but these were all resolved by their guidance and good advices. But the only problem that we encountered together that will never fade, was during the time that we need to get away from each other, because some of us hates the other so we started taking sides. That's the first time i cried for this friendship. I know, we all know that if this will not be resolved, our friendship will get shattered into pieces. That was the time i felt so empty, so lonely and isolated, and my friends felt the same way.

4. Are they for keeps? how do you say so
~ definitely they are for keeps. I can proudly say, that they are because i know whatever happens our friendship will always be on top. They are for keeps because they never took me for granted, they never let me down. They may not be perfect, but they will always be real................for themselves our friendship.

"True friendship means true happiness"

Review to
~ this site has a cute layout and a neat arrangement of contents. I love the fairy on the header. Her post are nice to read. Visitors page are so much luuurrrrvvvveeee . the only thing that i didn't expect on her site, is the part where in music player was placed and her voice is being heard, and that's awesome!!!!!! Nice work Tricia.

Review on Tricia
~ i really don't know her that much.But all i can say is that she has a creative mind because of her lovely layout. She is such a singer, she sang the song well. If she didn't indicate that, that was her voice i really have no idea that was her. Obviously, she loves pink, like i do, since her site is full of pink.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 , Photo Manipulation
My very first post for the month of June. Im being lazy in updating and i just dont know why. As of now i've been hooked up with this digital scrapbooking thingi'is. Even if i only have the adobe photoshop vr. 7 im still trying my best make the best picture *haha, ang epalko* I wanted to do lots photo of manipulation but i cant have the brushes that i want, since i only have the vr. 7 of adobe. So here are my creation * they may not be great as what you have expected but at least i did my very best*

My current backgound in friendster. Supposedto be kaya lang di nagkasya eh tinatamad na akong baguhin

Ate Aubrey's friendster background. Matagal na siyang nagpapagawa nagyun ko lang nagawan. Haha. Animated yung picture nia diyan, it changes in 4 colors but im too lazy to upload pa in photobucket eh so that will do

This is not freshly made. I just wanted to post it nacucutan kasi ako. *hahaha* my older friendster background. Animated din siya, Cullenized is supposed to be seen on the right part na nagfafade kaya lang as what ive said earlier sinumpong ako ng katamaran.

This picture was taken last Valentines day. the flowers were given by someone i dont know how *secret admirer kum baga* hahaha. Naaaliw kasi ako sa pagkakiha niya. Sakto sa lips yung roses. And i find the title romantic. If i have time a t kung ginanagahan ako, gagawan ko ng story yan .Kissing Roses.

This one is my bessy Pam's art picture. I used this on my latest article on my Random Blog If you want to know more about this picture you can visit my Random blog. And i will be very much happy if u will add my 2nd blog into your linkies. Thanks in advance

I so much love this even its original copy. I dont know but i just adore this picture *haha*.Feeling ko kasi parang full of something, and i dont know what is that something

Parang summer na summer. haha. I cant think of any caption kaya yan ang linagay ko. Simple right?

Thats all for now. I still have some edited pictures but i dont have it right now, it was in the other laptop. Ill post it next time. Oh and dont forget comments are lalalalalurve


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