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Friday, May 29, 2009 , Solution!
Guess what! I finally figured out how to make my blog post content look a bit full. Since i can only place one post on my main page, i need to increase the font size, like what i did to this post. So that even though how short my post is, at least it isnt obvious right. And also im planning to update this blog maybe twice or thrice a week only or maybe lesser, aside from being busy from school i planned to do this so that i can have the enough stories to tell you so in that case my page will be filled with enough words. Will that be okay?

Anyway i have this quotation formed. instead of typing it in a boring manner i just used my art kit *adobe photoshop* That's why i get from having Severe Twilight Disorder (STD)


Another is a picture of our Clinical Instructors. As indicated in the picture, obviously they are the said to be modern heroes because they are one of the reason why we are called educated person. And also i made this as a Thank You to them.


Please link my

Guys if you cant find your name at my linkies section just inform me. I lost my linkies file and i cant recall all my linkies. hope you understand. Just leave a message.. thanks

Thursday, May 28, 2009 , New Layie
New Account
New Theme
Same Author
Same Blog

Around of applause to sis Jean of and Nadine of for this super cute layout. FYI this is my very first personalized layout. Jean and I been through some difficulties in fixing my homie, but afcurz Jean and i still managed to fix it. And now here it is.

But i still have a problem. My linkies... Accidentaly ive deleted it. I forgot the filename of my linkies, when i saw an identifiable filename i deleted it. When i was searching for my linkies filename I cant find them anymore that time i realized the filename abcdef was my linkies filename *the one that i deleted* So guys some of you may not find your name on my linkies section so please just inform me if i havent included you there yet. My apology. Just leave a tag at my tagboard. Thanks

A Big Thank You
Jean & Nadine
please link my previous hubzyu acnt.

I've been having a hard time on updating my blog. Sorry guys!. I really dont know the main cause for putiing my blog on the air. Maybe its because of me beeing addicted to Petsociety and Farm Town. *God*, it can be also because of our summer class. Im becoming lazy to update my bloggie.

Aside from Pet Soc and Farm town, i use my extra time in reading. Its still summer *i think* so i still have time to read novels. Im currenly reading Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith. As usual the cover page caught my attention , and also it was stated there that Stpehenie Meyer's Novel Lover will surely love this book also. So what will you expect from. Im already Cullenized you know. If you can still remember my older post about me having an STD or should i say Severe Twilight Disorder! *hahaha* That was fun.

I wont blah's anymore about this book, just read it if your interested, im kinda lazy right now to do that. All i can say that its magical. And one thing more Ondine is a great name right? and whats with the Scion


, Big News
Im Back!!!! finally

Hows everyone? Did you miss me? Sorry for being out for a month guys because i was so busy that time. I have a great news to you guys.

* Last last week (sorry im too lazy to compute the date) after the board exam of Midwifery my heart tud almost like a drum. I was so nervous of the result of th exam. I admit that its not that easy. There are some test questions that are easy and there are also tough questions specially that most of the quetions are situational *duh, pwede lahat but chose the best*.

Well that night when i as freaking nervous i my cousin told me to check the web because the result maybe available that time already. So i open my mini Neo laptop and then *pppoofff* there it is

Yes! I passed the Midwifery Licensure Exam. Gush im soooooo super doooppper mega over happy Guys.Thanks for all the prayers and support.

I would like to share to you my simple letters those a who served as my inspiration and the reason for me to keep on going.

Dear God,

Thank you for granting my wish. Thank you for letting me passed the Midwifey board exam. Thank you for guiding me during the board exam for giving me the strength and wisdom, for helping me not to be attempted to cheat or relay on a ini-mini-my-nimo method of guessing.

Thank very much.


Dear Mommy,

Thank you for everything. I know that you've been through lots of harship for sending where i am right now. I am so lucky to have you mommy and i am very honored to be your beautiful baby *hahaha*. I did my best for you to be happy and proud of me. And i know that you are. Im trying to do my very best in school so that all your hardship will be worth it.And sorry for all the wrong thins that i have done and sorry for sometimes i make you mad. And now i passed the Midwifery Board Exam. And its all because of you, because of you support, care and guidance.

Thank you so much mommy.

your oh-so-beautiful and loving daughter,


Omi is soooooo Happy

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