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Tuesday, June 9, 2009 , Friends for Keeps Contest
Joining Tricia's Contest is FUN! .At first i thought i can never join her contest anymore because of my busy schedule but thank God i still managed to do it.

Official entry for "friends for keeps" contest

New endorser of Close Up toothpaste. LOL

1. How long have you been friends
~ first we were classmates since first year high school. We dont know each other that much, even a hi-hello. But we've become friends on the last month of school days during our second year. And during third year, "willows fam" *our group name* was created .

2. What do you like about them
~ what i like most about them is their true nature. Funny, caring, understanding.They show who and what they really are. My best days in highschool started when we've become friends. Understanding because every trials that one of us encountered, their heart and ears are always there for you, ready to listen and give advises. Caring because even though i don't have a huge predicament i can always feel their presence and love by being there at my side, listening to my thoughts and lessening anger. Funny because they never let the group fall into boredom.

3. What are the problems you encountered together
~ strong friendship is attain through trials. I've encountered problems with them, consciousness, hatred, unfairness, insecurities.... but these were all resolved by their guidance and good advices. But the only problem that we encountered together that will never fade, was during the time that we need to get away from each other, because some of us hates the other so we started taking sides. That's the first time i cried for this friendship. I know, we all know that if this will not be resolved, our friendship will get shattered into pieces. That was the time i felt so empty, so lonely and isolated, and my friends felt the same way.

4. Are they for keeps? how do you say so
~ definitely they are for keeps. I can proudly say, that they are because i know whatever happens our friendship will always be on top. They are for keeps because they never took me for granted, they never let me down. They may not be perfect, but they will always be real................for themselves our friendship.

"True friendship means true happiness"

Review to
~ this site has a cute layout and a neat arrangement of contents. I love the fairy on the header. Her post are nice to read. Visitors page are so much luuurrrrvvvveeee . the only thing that i didn't expect on her site, is the part where in music player was placed and her voice is being heard, and that's awesome!!!!!! Nice work Tricia.

Review on Tricia
~ i really don't know her that much.But all i can say is that she has a creative mind because of her lovely layout. She is such a singer, she sang the song well. If she didn't indicate that, that was her voice i really have no idea that was her. Obviously, she loves pink, like i do, since her site is full of pink.

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